søndag 12. februar 2012

Do you think I'm sleeping?

 Noooo, just pretending ! But dad is sleeping and.....

...he thinks I'm doing it too, thi, hi, hi.....;-)))

I got an award from Erik and Flynn! :-)))

I’m so happy today, because I was given this pawsome award from.
Eric and Flynn

Now I have to give this award to three of my friends, even though, I would have liked to give it to all of you.

I give it to : Dui and Deco

And I give the award to: Stationskatterna

And finally I give this award to : Hanna and Lucy

I also want to say, welcom to my new followers

Enjoy your day everybody!

Luv from Pernille


torsdag 9. februar 2012

Dad, I want to be with you!

 Here I am, can you see me now dad?

Oh, that's just what I wanted, a nap with dad :-)