lørdag 30. juni 2012

onsdag 27. juni 2012


 This morning started so well. Me and dad cuddling.

 Then this happened, and I knew, cleaning-hell was to begin...

 I even tried to help with the cleaning, so we could finish fast...but then it got worse...

 Yes, you can see for yourself. Mom came with the vacuum cleaner..

 I better run away for a while..I think dad did too... Can't blame him...

 Wonder if it's safe inside know? I'm hungry!

Oh yes, silence again, and one of my favorite meals. Life is good again!

tirsdag 26. juni 2012

What shall I do today?

 Hm, I have to sit still and think, I might get an idea!

 Shall I go inside, and have some fishfood?

No, I will see if I can find my neighbor, Rampen instead. Maybe he wants to play with me;-)

mandag 25. juni 2012

I have been assaulted !

 Yes, it's true. I have to illustrate this, because there was no time to take pictures. I was outside my frontdoor last night, and suddenly I was assaulted by an intruder! I was soooo scared.
Suddenly my frontdoor was opened, and there stood mom, and I must say, she was a lion, and a bit angry of the intruder. She run after the intruder, grabbed me under her arm, and finally I was safe inside my home again.
 Mom felt sorry for me today, so she made me some special treat: iscubes with fishwater in it:-))
Ah, I am a lucky cat!

søndag 24. juni 2012

Secret mission..

 There's something here...

Almost got it......
I better go under cover here..

I give away blog awards!

I got a blog award from NerissaJ http://nerissa-the-cats-life.blogspot.no/2012/06/awarded-in-triplicate.html Lucky me, I’m so happy for this award “Very inspiring blogger”, wowJ

I understand that, when I recieve this award, I must tell you something about myself. Ok, here we go:

1.     I’m a girl, about 2-3 years old. Norwegian shelter rescued me last november, from living alone outside.

2.     Four days before last christmas, I came to my new home, and met my new mom and dad. They looked pretty happy when they saw me, and I was a bit shy.

3.     My new mom said in the beginning: Pernille can sleep everywhere inside here, but not in our bed! Ha, ha, ha, I used my charm, and I have been sleeping in moms and dads bed for several months nowJ.

4.     I love when dad cuddles with my tummy.

5.     I hate when mom and dad are cleaning . I think they should sit calmly in a chair most of the time, and give me the full attention.

6.     I’m a playful cat, and I love to play with small balls.

7.     I love being outside in my new neighborhood. I have met many cats here, but so far, Rampen (my neighbor) is my favorite.

8.     I love to play with my plastic toys in a bowl filled with water.

9.     I love soft blankets, and here I have many of them.

10. I hate rainy days. Then I mostly sleep inside.

Well, that was about me. Now I will give this award to two of my blogfriends:

This award is for you, Erik and Flynn. I love to hear about your adventures.
Erik and Flynns adventures. http://twodevoncats.blogspot.no/

And this award is for you Dui and Deco. It’s always exciting to visit your blog.
Dui and Deco’s blog  http://duideco.blogspot.no/

torsdag 21. juni 2012

Let me present..

...my next door neighbor....

 ....Rampen!   psssst, Rampen, they want to see you!
And to honor Rampen and me, we have this statue, outside my frontdoor!

Ah....there you are Rampen, isn't he handsome my neighbor?

tirsdag 19. juni 2012

I like to hide ;-)

 Oh, I hear mom. Perhaps I will play games with her today;-)

 I hide in my summer-cottage!

 Here I am;-) Mom will never find me now;-)

 Pernille!!! I have made your favorite food! 

I love this food, but I love playing games as well, so here i found mom and dads most messy place, and I love it;-))

torsdag 14. juni 2012

Me and mom...

..having a good time together...it's soooo cozzzzzy...and I feel soooo sleepy...

tirsdag 12. juni 2012

I'm still waiting for summer....

 This is me and dad. We take a rest on the balcony. It was very hot, but still, the only summerday we have had so far..

This is me today, on the balcony. I'm freezzzzing, so mom took a blanket on top of me.
Now I'm looking for warmer days, this is to cold for me....I'm a summer-cat:-)

fredag 1. juni 2012