mandag 3. september 2012

Tigernews - and I'm sorry.'s good news about Tiger. Animal Shelter Norway, has found him a new home, and as soon as we catch him, he will be a farmers cat:-) Mom and I are sooo happy right now:-)
...and here am I. I don't like when mom comes and flash me in the eye, and this happened in my very private home outside the frontdoor. It's not polite at all!!!
Mom has been so busy the last weeks, and she says she is really sorry she couldn't make time to visit your blogs, together with me of course, but she will be back soon:-)

Wish you all a happy week:-)

Love and hugs from Pernille<3

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  1. Oh, that is wonderful, WONDERFUL news about Tiger. I'm so happy for him, too. And I'm happy for you and your mom 'cause now you're minds will be at ease. Yeah for Tiger! And yeah for Animal Shelter Norway!!! purrs

  2. Så underbart att höra, att Tiger får ett nytt hem, så snart han går in i fällan. Hoppas verkligen att han blir sugen på den goda fisken snart igen! Kurr och burr.

  3. That is great news for Tiger. He will have a lovely time living on a farm catching lots of mousies.

  4. We are so happy! Paws crossed that you are able to trap him soon.

  5. YAY !
    Great to hear that Tiger is getting a new home :)
    My mom is too busy from time to time and have not enough time for helping me leave comments , so you don´t have to be sorry about that Pernille !!!

  6. Så härligt med goda nyheter! Vi är glada för Tiger vi också! Visst är det märkligt att det ska blixtras i tid och otid. Puss på nosen sötnos!

  7. Thanks for your sweet comments all of you:-)
    Hugs from Pernille


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