onsdag 21. november 2012

Me, before and after work!

 Mom almost screamed when I came home from my work, mousehunting,
 looking like this!

No, I don't want to bath, I'm going to take a nap now!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Just what on earth did you get into? Was it muddy? purrs

  2. Men oj! Det måste varit en hård jakt! Nosbuff

  3. Oh my gosh, Pernille! You really take your work seriously.

    Love the photo of your floofy tail and your fuzzy pants.

  4. Looks like the mouse led you a merry chase!

  5. You must have been digging for mousies, Pernille!!

  6. I never get that dirty when I´m outside. The only thing I enjoy is eating grass. After that I want to go inside again. So hunting after live mouses isnt´t for me. The one´s we have at home doesn´t make me that dirty either. I hope you got a long and warm bath to clean up.


  7. Goodness,
    that must have been some chase.
    Hope your fur is clean again soon =)

  8. Thanks for your sweet comments. I must tell you, dad found my secret place today, where I'm digging in the dirt.


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