mandag 25. juni 2012

I have been assaulted !

 Yes, it's true. I have to illustrate this, because there was no time to take pictures. I was outside my frontdoor last night, and suddenly I was assaulted by an intruder! I was soooo scared.
Suddenly my frontdoor was opened, and there stood mom, and I must say, she was a lion, and a bit angry of the intruder. She run after the intruder, grabbed me under her arm, and finally I was safe inside my home again.
 Mom felt sorry for me today, so she made me some special treat: iscubes with fishwater in it:-))
Ah, I am a lucky cat!

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  1. YIKES! Did you make fierce noises and puff up? That's what we do.

  2. Vilken tur att din matte kom och räddade dig från inkräktaren !
    Isbitar med tonfisksvatten , det är mums det *slickar mig om munnen*

    P.S Jag kanske ska åka till Norge nu i sommar på en kattutställning :)

    1. Så spennende, at du skal til Norge. Gleder meg til å høre mer:-)))

  3. Oh no! Who was this masked intruder? Do you know? purrs

  4. Oh dear Pernille!
    We are so glad your Mom was there to keep you safe and the fishwater sounds delightful.


  5. We are glad your mum came to the rescue and sent the intruder away.

  6. Jeez, if getting attacked by an introoder means getting fishy water cubes, bring it on!!

    pee ess. we're glad you are okay.

  7. Så skönt att matte såg! Det lät gott med tonfisksvatten med is, vi har aldrig provat det men ska jama med matte om det! Nosbuff

  8. Thanks all of you for caring, and leaving such sweet comments to me.
    Hugs from Pernille


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