søndag 24. juni 2012

I give away blog awards!

I got a blog award from NerissaJ http://nerissa-the-cats-life.blogspot.no/2012/06/awarded-in-triplicate.html Lucky me, I’m so happy for this award “Very inspiring blogger”, wowJ

I understand that, when I recieve this award, I must tell you something about myself. Ok, here we go:

1.     I’m a girl, about 2-3 years old. Norwegian shelter rescued me last november, from living alone outside.

2.     Four days before last christmas, I came to my new home, and met my new mom and dad. They looked pretty happy when they saw me, and I was a bit shy.

3.     My new mom said in the beginning: Pernille can sleep everywhere inside here, but not in our bed! Ha, ha, ha, I used my charm, and I have been sleeping in moms and dads bed for several months nowJ.

4.     I love when dad cuddles with my tummy.

5.     I hate when mom and dad are cleaning . I think they should sit calmly in a chair most of the time, and give me the full attention.

6.     I’m a playful cat, and I love to play with small balls.

7.     I love being outside in my new neighborhood. I have met many cats here, but so far, Rampen (my neighbor) is my favorite.

8.     I love to play with my plastic toys in a bowl filled with water.

9.     I love soft blankets, and here I have many of them.

10. I hate rainy days. Then I mostly sleep inside.

Well, that was about me. Now I will give this award to two of my blogfriends:

This award is for you, Erik and Flynn. I love to hear about your adventures.
Erik and Flynns adventures. http://twodevoncats.blogspot.no/

And this award is for you Dui and Deco. It’s always exciting to visit your blog.
Dui and Deco’s blog  http://duideco.blogspot.no/

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  1. What GREAT answers, little Pernille. You know, I was a feral cat but I was lucky. Even though I lived outside, I was never alone 'cause I had my mama and sibs with me. I'm so sorry you spent time outside all by yourself. That must been so very scary. Thank goodness you have parents now and a home and nice, soft, warm blankets. purrs

  2. Tack! Vad glada vi blir! Ska genast börja tassa..Nosbuff

  3. Being alone in November on the streets is not good, especially not in Norway. We are so glad you got your Mum and Dad, and that you are now blogging. We think Rampen is a very fine friend to have too - everyone needs a ginger mancat in their life!
    And we totally agree with you about humans cleaning!

  4. Concats on your award, and thanks for passing it on to us. We are glad you were rescued and now have your own lovely home. We sleep in/on the bed too.


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