torsdag 12. januar 2012

Dads toy is playing with my toy!!!

 Can you see it? My toy is on top of dads toy!!!

 This is so strange. I have to take a closer look!

 This is dad, and he is a playful dad, but what is he doing now?

Wow, dads thing is moving with my thing !!! Sooo spooky!! I better tell mom about this.

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  1. I must tell mu dad to buuild one of theese so he can sit in the TV sofa and play with me at the same time :)
    I have added me as follower on your blog now :)

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment Karolina:-) Purrrr...XXX

    Great idea Kjelle Bus. I love dads toys, they are all mecanic toys, and they are moving....spooky and funny too:-)...and I love my dad for beiing playful:-)

    Welcome to my blog Kjelle, looking forward to see you again.
    Purrrss...from PernilleXXX

  3. I don't know--I think that thing looks kind of scary!

  4. Yes, it's a bit scary, but fun too:-)


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