torsdag 26. januar 2012

I like to be a model, and to be portraited..

 Or I better say, I have no choice.

 Mom and dad are crazy about taking pictures of me..

..and I, well from time to time I try to ignore them..

7 kommentarer:

  1. Jätte fina porträtt bilder på dig Pernille !!
    Jag vet precis hur det är med en fotogalen matte :)

  2. Oh Pernille you are soo lovely.Nice poses so I send you meow hugs from USA.

  3. We can see why they are crazy about taking photos - you are a true star

  4. Och vilka fina bilder sedan! Kurr och burr.

  5. Of course they want to takes photos of you, you are very pretty and have a lovely profile.

  6. Photogenic or how it spells, I don´t know. You better get used to it, they don´t give up......

    You are very lovely



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