mandag 16. juli 2012

The cat trap at night. Part tree.

 It's in the middle of the night, and from my window I saw a yellow and white tail. Could it be the Tiger?
 Oh no, it's my good friend and neighbor, Rampen. Be careful, the trap isn't meant for us!

I think Rampen understand, and just want a view over this situation. Don't you think? be continued...

9 kommentarer:

  1. The fish must be very tempting for Rampen.

  2. Rampen is HANDSOME! No wonder you like to play with him, Pernille!

  3. It looks a little like Rampen has a bit of a tail puff going on there. Bet he understands he shouldn't go into that trap. Bet he understands, completely. purrs

  4. Hi Pernille! Can you please add a button for follow by email on your blog page??? I only follow by email and your posts go to my Google reader and I never use that so I miss you...sigh...Charlie Rascal added the follow by email button and now I get his regular posts...thank you Savannah

    1. Hi Savannah,
      nice to hear from you, and that you want to follow my blog. Now I think you can follow by email:-)
      Have a nice evening my friend.
      Hugs from Pernille and mom.

  5. Look at that tail. Oh Rampen you are so handsome.


  6. We hope Rampen doesn't end up inside!

  7. Thanks for your sweet comments all of you:-)
    Hugs from Pernille


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