fredag 20. juli 2012

The cat trap. Part five. Wrong cat!!!

 While I was in my deepest sleep, things happened outside here...

 A cat was inside the cat trap!!! ...but it wasn't Tiger. He was lucky,

the door didn't close, and he had a good fish meal for free!!!
We haven't seen Tiger for several days, and mom says, he might not show up here again. It's so sad, but we hope he is well.

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  1. Vi håller tassarna för att han kommer så att ni kan ta hand om honom.Nosbuff

  2. Paws crossed Tiger shows up, and we bet the grey kitty appreciated the fish.

  3. Oh we hope Tiger is well too.
    We will purr he returns very soon.


  4. I still keep my paws for that Tiger will end up in the trap !
    P.S I´m going to Skien in Norway next weekend with my "mom" ,we are going to be at the catshow ALL wekend :)

    1. Vi krysser alt vi har her, og prøver et par dager til.
      Så gøy at dere skal til Norge og Skien. Det er ganske langt sør i landet, og vi bor i Midt Norge. Hadde det vært nærmere kunne vi ha møttes Kjelle:-)

  5. We hope Tiger comes back and goes in the trap.

  6. Please come home, little Tiger!

    What a cute grey kitty, and smart for getting the fish!

  7. Poor Tiger! We hope he comes back!


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