onsdag 4. juli 2012

I'm in the jungle!

 Wrong picture, you will find me...


 ..here, rolling around....

....and here, continue napping...

Have a nice day all of you!
Luv from

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  1. You do have a jungle of plants there, don't you? Excellent! You have obviously been supervising your peeps, well. purrs

  2. Skön plats att ligga på! Matte säger att jag(Deco) ser ut som en kyckling när jag sträcker ut mig sådär som du gör på mittenbilden. Taskigt eller hur? Nosbuff

  3. Very nice djungle you got there , Pernille :)

  4. Oh Pernille
    You have such a lovely little garden spot...a piece of heaven


  5. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight....

  6. Thanks for your sweet comments all of you:-)
    Hugs from Pernille:-)

  7. Hi Pernille. I passed the Blog On Fire award to you today, Monday July 9. Of you want it, hop over to my blog and pick up the award badge. Post on your blog the award and link it back to me, tell your readers 5-8 things they may not know about you and then pass the award to 5-8 other blogs you think are ON FIRE with their content, message etc. enjoy. Paw pats, Savannah

    1. Thanks a lot Savannah. So nice of you. I'm coming to visit your blog soon this week:-)
      Hugs from Pernille

    2. Savannah: I couldn't find your blog.


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