søndag 1. juli 2012

I'm table-walking...

 Mostly I do my table-walking at night, when the house is asleep....

 ....but sometimes during the day, when I want to tell mom and dad about something..then table-walking is a smart thing to do...;-)

Today I ended here, just to be sure, it wasn't cleaning-day, you never know, I can see soap here..;-)

Have a nice week all of you:-)
Hugs from Pernille.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Att gå på bordet brukar vara bra, man vill ju inte missa något! Nosbuff

  2. What's wrong with a little table walking? I do that all the time! purrs

  3. We not only walk on the table, but we sleep on it too!

  4. We like tables too! And just about every other place not intended for cats.

  5. Thanks for your sweet comments all of you:-)
    Have a nice week:-)

    Hugs from Pernille


  6. I like that Pernille.
    Table walking. I do a lot of that. I am so small I like being up on taller things.
    Have a great week!!



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