tirsdag 10. juli 2012

I got the award: "Blogs on fire"...

I have received the award: “ Blogs on fire award” from Savannah:

Thank you very much, I appreciate it, and I think it means, my blogposts are like fire;-))

Then I have to tell you something about myself, more like, last news from Pernille:
1.     I don’t like the fishmeals mom gives me anymore. I’m tired of it.
2.     I love to spend time in my neighbors garden, together with the lady who lives there. I visit them every day.
3.     I love to sleep together with mom and dad in their bed.
4.     Rampen, my next door neigbor cat, is still my best friend, though I think he gets tired of me from time to time.

Now I want to pass this award to another catblog, and it’s:
Kjelle Bus, the one and only: http://kjellebus.blogspot.no/

The rules…share some stuff about yourself…and pass the award forward and link the award to the blog who passed it to you. 

5 kommentarer:

  1. Concats on your award! We get tired of the food our mum gives us too.

  2. Concats on your award Pernille!

    We also get "tired" of foods if Momma doesn't change them up for us.


  3. Congrats on your hot award, Pernille. We enjoy learning more about you.

  4. ConCATulationa to the award !
    Thank you sooo much for giving it to me !
    Something came up between my post about this great award = My alleged marriage to Katie.
    I promise I will do a post about it in the next couple of day´s !


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